Tuesday, 28 October 2008

TRIP Lab Schedule

November 13 9-12 Introductory lecture
November 18 10-12 Mid-course seminar
December 12 9-12 Final Presentations

Ron writes:

Rolf and I have conceived of this as a Transdisciplinary Lab wherein we discuss, invent, and evaluate possible methodologies for creating transdisciplines. Following the introductory lecture and seminar we will group you in teams of two or three based on the compatibility of your MA Thesis work, whereupon you will continue to work on your individual thesis project under the guidance of your thesis advisor and committee, while working with Rolf and I and your collaborative team to develop realistic transdisciplinary scenarios and methodologies. This TRIP Lab is designed to give you the experience of proposing a transdiscipline and possible methodologies while informing your individual thesis work.